Step 1: Initial Contact

Give me a call or email me to set up a time for a free half-hour conversation about how coaching can work for you. From this consultation, we can see if our coaching relationship is a good fit. If we decide to work together, we will set up an appointment for the foundation meeting.

Step 2: The Foundation Meeting

Before beginning our coaching, I like to meet with clients to get to know each other better. If you live close by, we can meet in person. Otherwise, we meet on the telephone. I will ask you to share some of your history, your current challenges, your goals and what issue you want to address in coaching. We take a look at your levels of satisfaction in your daily functioning and in your life. We establish our coaching partnership as a vehicle for moving forward to reach your goals and dreams. Clients often leave this session with commitments and action steps.

Step 3: The Schedule

After the foundation session, subsequent coaching is typically conducted on the phone and by email. I provide 3 hours coaching a month for most clients. There are several time options for coaching schedules. I generally request a coaching commitment of three to six months. Coaching is a process and it takes time to set goals and reach them.

Step 4: Completion Session

This is our final regular coaching session together. It is a celebratory session where you are acknowledged and honored for the success you have achieved to date.

Step 5: Continuing Coaching

Some of my clients may return to coaching for a limited period of time to address a new challenge or to accomplish a new goal or task. Others may continue coaching but reduce the amount of monthly coaching time. If you find that you need additional coaching assistance, I’m happy to reestablish our coaching alliance.

Please contact me at 415.461.3318 or Email me to set up a free consultation today.