I’ve always been passionate about helping people to overcome the obstacles to success and happiness. In fact, I’ve made it my job for over twenty years.

Prior to coaching, I taught children and adolescents with hearing impairments and learning disabilities. Additionally, I conducted diagnostic assessments and provided consultations to parents, teachers and administrators. At the time, I had no idea that my teaching and diagnostic experience would become such an asset to my ADHD coaching.

My experience as a diagnostician, discerning behaviors that might be related to ADHD, helps me support my clients in exploring their ADHD and the impact it has on their lives. My education background lends itself well to co-designing strategies with clients to learn more effective ways of reaching their goals.

In addition to my professional experience, my personal experience with ADHD gives me a unique affinity for and understanding of my clients. I believe that working with a coach who understands ADHD can greatly increase the client's consistency and effectiveness and can prevent or help them to avoid years of unnecessary struggle.

My interests, beyond the field of ADHD and human potential, include traveling, cooking, gardening, biking, and socializing with friends. I continue taking Italian classes for fun and enjoy the laughs that come with my classmates as we fumble along our way. More recently, I have become a member of a mindfulness meditation group and have gained a great deal of personal and professional benefit with its practice.

I am the parent of two wonderful young adults. Originally from the Midwest, I currently live in Marin County, California with my also wonderful husband.

Professional Credentials: Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute; Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation. Trained with Optimal Functioning Institute (OFI) and ADD Resources, an organization dedicated to supporting, educating and serving as a resource for people with ADHD. I hold a Masters Degree in Education.

Please contact me at 415.461.3318 or Email me to set up a free consultation today.