Do you struggle to stay focused and complete tasks? Are you tired of feeling like you aren’t living up to your potential?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I can help you discover how you can embrace your differences, uncover your gifts, and manage your ADHD challenges to live a more vital and fulfilling life.

Let’s talk.

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Things that people with ADHD often need help with include...

  • Achieving goals and staying on task.
  • Managing the details of daily life.
  • Staving off procrastination and negative thinking.
  • Focusing and remembering things.
  • Realizing their dreams and using their talents.

As your ADHD Coach, I can help you manage these problem areas, plus, I can help you...

  • Cultivate an awareness of the conditions under which you
    function best.
  • Develop the skills, support, and strategies to manage your unique challenges and talents.
  • Build a life in alignment with your values and strengths.
  • Clarify goals and accomplish desired changes.
  • Maintain a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Please contact me at 415.506.4948 or Email me to set up a free consultation today.

"Working with Cristine has drastically improved my life. Her support enabled me to get unstuck, to take action, and to become more confident. For the first time ever, I feel in charge of my life and time."
Suzanne C.

"From the initial contact with Cristine, I felt her enthusiasm at working with me towards my goals. She is firm but sensitive, listens well but keeps me focused, is tenacious in holding me accountable and thought provoking on difficult issues. I constantly look forward to our coaching time together."
Brenda B.